Email Template Guide

Build email templates and send out more quality email campaigns

We wrote this guide to give you an overview of the benefits of using a template system for your branded marketing emails. It's written for all email marketing professionals (#emailgeeks), including email designers and developers, digital marketers, and marketing technology officers. If you're new to email marketing, have been doing work for a while, or are a long-time veteran, you will get something out of this guide.

Why use a template system?

A template system takes a modular approach to email design and offers a reusable framework for a more efficient workflow. It improves the quality and consistency of your campaigns while saving you time to focus more on marketing strategies and quality of interaction with your customers.

This guide is an overview of what's involved in developing a template for email campaigns with links to in-depth walkthroughs for each aspect of the process. It's divided into four essential steps:

The process may seem similar to developing a standard campaign, but each part offers ways to develop a framework for your emails for reuse and efficiency. While there is some up-front time for initially putting together, using a template will save you a lot of time and simplify your workflow in the long term.

Common email problems using a template system helps solve

  • Last minute requests
  • Lack of flexibility in making regular updates
  • Being dependent on a developer for updates
  • Reusability of assets
  • Design inconsistency
  • Work hours adding up

Chapter 1


Set goals and define a strategy for your email campaign and develop an efficient production process around it

Read Chapter 1: Plan →

Chapter 2


An overview of email design considerations, designing with a modular mindset, and techniques for mobile

Read Chapter 2: Design →

Chapter 3


Resources and tools for developing email templates that work across all email clients and how to best use your code library

Read Chapter 3: Code →

Chapter 4


Content must-haves for an effective email and how to manage the content editing workflow for regularly writing emails

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