For every 1 work hour in a week, Blocks Edit can save you 10

By inviting team members to use the point and click editor, you eliminate a lot of back and forth during your review process. If you work on one campaign a week, you can save 9 hours a week, which adds up to 450 hours a year, over $11k in savings for a $50K salary!

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Each – Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Amazon Web Services S3, FTP/sFTP

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Unlike other email editors and builders

Traditional email editors require you to build a template based on their specifications which usually means a lot of constraints in design. The interface is also often clunky with an overwhelming amount of options. Blocks Edit takes a unique approach by working around your own custom design, with an interface that has only the editing options your template needs.

How we compare to our competition

As stated above, our unique approach is one way we're different from 99% of email editors out there. There are only 2-3 other editors that we're aware of that focus on making custom-built templates editable. And we have the simplest implementation, which makes us the most cost effective.

Implement quickly and reduce tech debt

Our implementation is the simplest because there's a lot less code needed to add to your template. So not only can you get setup quickly and easily, it's also easy to update and maintain your template down the road, and to implement new templates.

Discount for nonprofits

We offer a 25% discount to all registered nonprofit organizations to help them with their email marketing efforts. Just let us know that you're a nonprofit after signing up.

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