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Fully featured for a single user to build and edit emails and landing pages

No limit on number of templates, emails, or pages

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$15/user per month

Collaborate with coworkers to build and edit emails and landing pages

Invite coworkers to review and comment only for free

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$349/month yearly

$399 month-to-month

No per-user cost and a simplified single fixed price

With $99 per month fixed price for each integration

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Asset hosts, email providers, and single sign-on

$5/user/month each

Everything is included

How setup works

Get an editable email or landing page setup in Blocks Edit in minutes. In other products, it takes considerably longer and requires modifying your code to the extent that it can make it difficult to manage as you make updates to your design. Blocks Edit’s template tags work around your current code without affecting its output.

Platform-agnostic exporting

Your email and landing page code is completely portable, exported as standard HTML to work with any hosting platform and email provider.

All-inclusive pricing

Full implementation of editing features for your templates, with no limitations. There is no minimum contract to use Blocks Edit. You can cancel anytime without any penalties.


We offer a 25% discount to all educational institutions and nonprofit organizations. Just let us know if you fit into either of those categories after signing up.

How you're charged

No credit card is required up front. We'll ask for payment info when you start collaborating with other users, either within your own organization or across other organizations. We'll also ask for payment if you enable and setup an integration.

"Blocks Edit allows me to collaborate on email campaigns with my team quickly and efficiently which is extremely helpful in the fast pace of today’s online atmosphere."

— Danielle Taylor, eCommerce Manager at AAA Northway

Import your HTML design and make it visually editable in minutes.

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