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Enable editing options around your design system by adding tags to your HTML code or by using the visual theme editor

Editable text in the theme editor

Blocks Edit is free to sign up and use, with all the editing features available to build and edit emails or landing pages made from your theme.

How setup works

  • Import your HTML file and get started with the visual theme editor that allows you to select regions visually and enable editable options for them.
  • Or, add HTML classes and attributes to your code for elements whose content you want to make editable.
  • Blocks Edit template tags won’t mess with how your code works or how your theme looks visually.
  • Your HTML can be a current email or landing page, or your full email or landing page design systems, turned into a theme. You can always make updates to your theme as you need to.
  • By adding editable tags around content elements, you can have placeholder content that shows what’s expected. And set guardrails around what can be done with the content.
  • This also allows using traditional template tags and within the placeholder content, like Liquid tags or email provider tokens.

Theme examples

A theme should contain a combination of predesigned modules to plug content into, along with flexible components that can be placed among content. Click on the examples below to preview their editing capabilities in the theme editor.

How to highlights

Learn more about the Blocks Edit approach to building and editing content.

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