A content management system for branded email campaigns

Trying to design an email template using a do-it-yourself builder is a recipe for disaster. It requires learning how to use a tool with an overwhelming amount of options and ending up with a constrained design that has to fit within the tool's way of doing things.

A modular approach that anyone can use to build and edit an email campaign

Blocks Edit allows you to use a standard HTML template that you add editing options on top of and eliminates the back and forth of having to go to a developer to make updates by letting you and your team build and edit content directly within the template.

  • Point & click text inline editing and contextual formatting

  • Drag and drop stackable modules and pieces

  • Customizable areas with alternate style options

  • Reusable components (like buttons, headlines, etc)

  • Saved layouts (ex: newsletter, announcement, event, etc)

Point and click editor with only the options you need

Focused around your content, for you to focus on content

Much less overall testing and QA required

Export to your email service provider

Manage campaigns and content assets in one place

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