Introducing a content management system for emails

Enable inline editing for your custom-designed email template that allows you to increase the output of your emails and get faster results.

Start tagging your code with either a class to your HTML:

<div class="block-edit">Your copy.</div>

Or a CSS style:

<div style="-block-edit: true">Your copy.</div>

Importing the code into Blocks Edit and going into Edit mode will allow you to change the "Your copy." text. Clicking Save will update the email's HTML code with the new text.

A modular approach that anyone can use to build and edit an email campaign

  • Inline editing

    Point & click text editing and formatting

  • Drag and drop modules

    Stackable, orderable parts

  • Customizable regions

    Multiple style options to choose from

  • Reusable components

    Buttons, headlines, etc

  • Saved layouts

    Newsletter, announcement, event, etc

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