A flexible email editing approach

Point and click editing, drag and drop building. Use any HTML template and allow anyone to join in the review, editing and building of your email campaigns.

Screenshot of inline editing in the editor

Build and edit visually

Drag in components and edit content directly to see results as you're making updates.

  • Edit inline with context-aware options
  • Build using rearrangeable content blocks
  • Save layouts and content to use again
  • Preview mobile and edit specific content
Screenshot of team commenting in the editor

Review and manage

Email campaign review process that is accessible to your entire team.

  • Review feedback using comments sidebar
  • Send out a preview email, or share a link
  • Keep a checklist of important reminders
  • View history of updates made to each email
Screenshot of asset browser in the editor

Integrate with tools

Connect to your assets and tools to develop a custom workflow for your team.

  • Access images via sFTP, AWS, or GCP
  • Connect to Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Connect to Iterable, Klaviyo, or ActiveCampaign email providers
  • Integrate with your single sign-on provider
Screenshot of exporting in the editor

Export anywhere

Platform-agnostic, ready-to-send email code for your preferred email provider.

  • Connect to hosts and generate image URLs
  • Include ESP code, tokens, and HTML
  • Export code and images separately
  • Clean code, requiring less testing and QA

Additional workflow features

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