More effective email production

Visual custom template editing to make your workflow more efficient, and your content more impactful

Not your standard visual editor

There are some downsides with using standard visual email editors: building a template based on rigid limitations, an endless amount of often confusing design and formatting options, and a bunch of form fields for content editing and customization. Blocks Edit works differently.

  • Use your own custom template

    Instead of building an editable template around a rigid system that limits your design, use a custom HTML-standard email template. Make it editable with simple template tags customized around your template's needs.

  • Straightforward editing options

    Follow your template's modular design system to build individual emails with drag and drop components. Design and formating options are pre-tuned to ensure brand guidelines are followed and things don't get messy.

  • Your content becomes tangible

    Edit content directly within the email itself by pointing and clicking on what you want to update, seeing live results of your changes, as you're making them. It's true WYSIWYG editing for instant visual accuracy.

Use tags in your template code

Simple HTML tagging that works around your code More info →

Visually build email campaigns modularly

Use the editor to drag and drop components to build your email More info →

Bring in your team to build, edit, and review

Easy enough for anyone on your team to start using without extensive training More info →

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