Made for creative collaboration

Utilize your modular template for you and your team to visually build emails within brand guidelines

Made for marketers and managers

Turn around email campaigns faster and streamline how you work with your team on producing email content by using an email editor.

"Blocks Edit has allowed the team to accommodate the big influx of new creative requests, since designers are spending way less time designing emails and can now focus on other marketing."

— Steven Till, Senior Creative Developer, DICK'S Sporting Goods

Made for copywriters and content editors

Write your email content live within your email template in the email builder and collaborate with your team for edits, all in one place.

"Blocks Edit allows me to collaborate on email campaigns with my team quickly and efficiently which is extremely helpful in the fast pace of today’s online atmosphere."

— Danielle Taylor, eCommerce Manager at AAA Northway

Made for designers and developers

Design and code your template as you see best and add fully-customizable editing capabilities around it for an email builder.

"This month I've had jobs using SFMC, MailChimp, Klaviyo, but honestly the best to use as a developer is Blocks Edit hands down."

— Sarah, Email Developer

Made for your entire organization

A simple point and click, drag and drop interface with no formal training required. So anyone can be invited to jump in, review, and make necessary changes to an email.

Blocks Edit screenshot of the visual editor with the team comments in the activity panel

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Get your coworkers on board

Present the benefits of modular design with a visual editor

Ask your coworkers to help you setup your new content production workflow, with tools and resources to show ROI and the info you need to be prepared with all the answers.

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