Peer editing and review

Utilize your design system for your coworkers to visually build, edit, and review emails and landing pages while staying within brand guidelines.

Made for your entire organization

A point and click, drag and drop interface with no formal training required. So anyone can be invited to jump in, review, comment, and make necessary changes to content.

Blocks Edit screenshot of the visual editor with the team comments in the activity panel

Placeholder content

Showing an example of how content should be plugged in to work well with the design.

Purposeful limits

Set restrictions around content, like text formatting and length, and image sizing.

Pin content for reuse

Save pieces of content in a library for your team to browse and use again.

Team commenting

For editors who build and edit content, or shared via a preview link for anyone to review.

Quality checks

Checklist to review content, flagging of missing or broken links, automated image formatting.

Revision history

Keep track of who makes updates and when, and view and revert to a previous iteration.

Custom workflows

Integrate with your tools, automate asset exporting, follow accessibility best practices.

User management

Simple roles, with admin, building, editing, proofing, and review modes.

"Blocks Edit has allowed the team to accommodate the big influx of new creative requests, since designers are spending way less time designing emails and can now focus on other marketing."

— Steven Till, Senior Creative Developer, DICK'S Sporting Goods

For marketers and managers

For designers and developers

For copywriters and content editors

"This month I've had jobs using SFMC, MailChimp, Klaviyo, but honestly the best to use as a developer is Blocks Edit hands down."

— Sarah, Email Developer

Get your coworkers on board

Present the benefits of modular design with a visual editor

Ask your coworkers to help you setup your new content production workflow, with tools and resources to show ROI and the info you need to be prepared with all the answers.

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