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Promo/e-commerce email essentials

Sales and special offers for your customers, upselling, and abandon cart techniques.

Different examples of promo/e-commerce emails.

Different examples of branded promo/e-commerce emails.

A promo email can be specific to a product, or offer a range of products. Promotion for a singular product can be a product introduction, update, or sale. Multiple products could be showcased together as part of a category or theme.


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When sending out an email that offers a sale, try to impart a sense of exclusivity for your subscribers to feel like they’re getting the offer before anybody else. You can include additional product/service options to cater to the diverse needs of your customers, and as an opportunity to upsell.

Consider segmenting your promotions to specific customers to better target your offer. Segmenting can come from their previous shopping habits or preselected interests.


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Upselling is a way to give your customers additional options. “Since you looked at this product, you might also like these ones” or “People who bought this product also bought these ones.”

Upselling can be made along with promoting related products along a single product, or as a collection of products based on a customer’s previous shopping habits.

Abandon cart

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Abandonment emails, also known as abandoned cart, or abandon cart for short, are automated reminders sent to individuals who have not finished an online transaction. They can be effective since they’re based on actual items the customer chose. An email is typically sent about an hour after the customer abandons the purchase.

Whether potential customers got distracted or weren’t sure about buying, the email provides a reminder and reassurance about the potential purchase and works as a great way to recover lost sales. Be sure to address some of the possible reasons people didn’t purchase, for example by encouraging them to check out different color options.

Sometimes people abandon purchases because they’re just not confident in the product or service. To overcome this, offer social proof by showcasing some testimonials and stories of customers using the product.

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