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Helpful email essentials

Providing instructions, offering support options, and asking for feedback on your customer’s overall experience.

Different examples of helpful emails.

Different examples of branded helpful emails.

When welcoming a customer as they sign up for your product, or introducing them to a new product, making sure they have all the information they need for how to use it is key.


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Starting with basic instructions. Any needed installation instructions for properly setting up the product, and using it in conjunction with your customer's current setup.

Either within the email itself, or by providing links to help docs, tutorial videos, or even forums they can browse and participate in with any potential questions.

Support options

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Along with instructions, you’ll want to make sure you include ways that your customers can get contact support for help.

And when a user sends a customer support email, consider an automated return email that confirms their message was received and sets an expectation of how long until they will get a response back.

An important factor to support emails is to allow for your customers to reply to the emails they receive directly. Email is for communication, so a basic reply should be made possible, even when the emails are automated.

Feedback survey

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Beyond the initial product introduction, after your customers have been using your product for a while, you may want to get feedback on their experience.

Letting them know it helps guide and improve the product for them is helpful to get up front. How extensive the survey is and how much time it will take is also important for your customers to plan accordingly.

Another way to go is to offer single-click questions as part of other emails you send. Like a simple star rating they can click on, or “satisfied” or “not satisfied” options. Or a single question with multiple choices to choose from.

Ready to put together your helpful email? Download our free helpful email template to use for designing and building your emails. And check out other email types and components you can use for your email design.

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