About Blocks Edit

Our goal is to give you the ability to make the best emails possible, while also being efficient, and making your email marketing workflow a more pleasant experience. We've been building emails and websites for over 20 years. Blocks Edit is a solution to the kind of email content editor we wanted to maintain creatives for our clients while allowing them to better-manage their communications.

Branding is important to building great emails

Branding defines your organization and translates its values into communication materials through design. In email, including your brand enhances an email's message so your campaign stands out and sticks with your audience.

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Technology should augment people to do their best work

We designed Blocks Edit to work around specialized collaboration, allowing each member of the team to do more of the work they do best while spending less time on the repetitive time-consuming work. It's a solution to the often messy process involved in maintaining marketing emails where marketing resources are always spread thin.

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Email marketing is all about communication

Our inline editor is built to integrate into your email creatives, not the other way around. It's made flexible to adapt to any design, and straightforward to keep its code clean. This lets you worry less about the mechanics behind your email, and focus more on your email's message.

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