About Blocks Edit

Our goal is to empower you to make better emails in a better way. A combined experience of over 20 years working on website and email design and development has lead us to come up with the kind of email content editor that's ideal for us to maintain work for our clients and at the same time ideal for our clients to use to manage their communications.

We believe technology should augment people to do their best work

Blocks Edit is a solution to the problem of maintaining marketing emails. It works for current teams to do their jobs better by allowing them to do more of what they're good at and permitting them to waste less time on repetitive time-consuming work.

We believe that email marketing is all about communication

Our inline editor is built around making content easy to edit and manage while keeping it as a separate piece from the code behind it. Our Content + Code blog is all about this approach and offers effective ways to evaluate the dependencies of email marketing along the same lines.

We believe that design and code go hand in hand to make a good product

That's how we ensure Blocks Edit works great and is intuitive to use. It's also our philosophy for how we allow our customers to implement their templates, making the process flexible to their vision and workflow, so they can design and develop great emails the best way they see fit.