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Starter email design template

An email template skeleton for designing and building your own email template

Starter template parts

The Starter Email Template is a modular email template that acts as a prototype for your own email template with focus on essential layouts and components you would need in an email, and minimal styling for you to build on top of when theming your template.


  • 11 unique stackable sections
  • 5 standard layout examples
  • Mobile-responsive ready
  • Dark mode ready
  • Accessibility ready
  • Example themed email

Sections Included

  • Header - with 3 variations: logo with tagline, logo by itself, and tagline by itself
  • Navigation - individual items can be removed to show less than five
  • Feature image
  • Hero with background image and text
  • Basic text - with 4 variations: left-aligned and centered, and each with a background highlight color
  • Left-aligned image with headline and text
  • Right-aligned image with headline and text
  • Two columns with images and text
  • Three columns with images and text
  • Listing format with image and text
  • Footer with unsubscribe info

1. Skeleton layout

Starter template

2. Example content

Content layout

3. Themed design

Themed email

Layout examples


Basic layout


Marketing layout


Welcome layout


Hero layout


Newsletter layout

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