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Starter email components

HTML template of accessible and responsive modules to use for your emails

Hero/intro section
Information listing section
Another information listing section
Alternate information listing section
Calendar listing section
Four-column short info listing section
Product listing section
Callout section

A modularly designed master email template that works across email clients, with essential email layouts and elements.


  • Modular design with stackable sections and standalone elements
  • Responsive across mobile devices and screen sizes
  • Dark mode compatibility
  • Tested on Gmail and Android, Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, and Yahoo! Mail and AOL
  • Semantic code, optimized for accessibility
  • Blocks Edit ready for drag and drop editing

Layouts included

Welcome email preview

Welcome/onboarding email

The welcome email is sent as soon as your audience signs up, introducing who you are and what they can expect from your company.

Announcement email preview

Announcement email

Announcement emails are a way to share and promote something new or updated with your business, product, or service.

Event email preview

Event email

Educate your audience on the event's value and why it's worth investing their time in it.

Design patterns included

Intro/Hero thumbnail


Callout thumbnail


Information listing thumbnail

Information listing

Product listing thumbnail

Product listing

Short info listing thumbnail

Short info listing

Calendar listing thumbnail

Calendar listing

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