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Calculator for average time spent building branded email marketing campaigns

How many campaigns do you send per month?

Total savings: 10 hours per week, 40 hours per month, 480 hours per year!
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If you currently design and code branded email campaigns, this calculator shows how much time you can save by taking advantage of a template system and even more time when using Blocks Edit for content management. The time you save will let you focus more on strategy and improving the overall quality of your emails!

How we get the email campaign work hours

Designing, coding, and editing an email campaign

According to the Email Marketing Industry Census for a typical email campaign, this is how many hours are spent on each of the following activities: Up to 2 hours for strategy and planning, up to 8 hours for design and content, up to 2 hours for mobile optimization and up to 6 hours for other tasks (reporting, data, sending, etc).

For design, content, and mobile optimization, that's an average of 11 hours, and an average of 12 hours for everything else (strategy, planning, and other). So the total average time per campaign is 23 hours, with about half of the time spent on design, content and optimization.

Using a modular email template system

We can infer that about a third of the respondents in the census may already be using a template system since their numbers drop from the average of 11 hours to about 5 hours. So you can cut your time on the design, content and optimization to about half when using a template with pieces already prepared in advance.

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Using Blocks Edit for email content management

Additionally, if you implement your coded template into Blocks Edit for managing and editing your content, it could take as little as an hour of simply dragging in your layout pieces, writing your copy live within the email, and uploading images.

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