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Announcement email essentials

If you’re launching something new, why not let your valuable subscribers in on the news?

Different examples of announcement emails.

Different examples of branded announcement emails. (via

Your subscribers already have a certain degree of interest in what you provide so letting them know about your new secret product or service will increase their engagement.

Effective patterns

Intro/Hero illustration

Create excitement. What’s the story behind your new product or service? What makes it special? Provide the unique details that will spur your customers’ interests.

Information listing illustration

Use the email to communicate the value of the new product or service. Highlight its benefits. Showcase what makes this product different than the other products in your offering.

Additional content ideas


Segmenting based on previous purchases will increase your customer’s interest in your latest offering. It also prevents them from feeling bombarded with product releases on a regular basis knowing their only getting the ones that are applicable to them.

Ready to put together your announcement email? Download our free announcement email template to use when designing and building your emails.

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