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Newsletter email essentials

Newsletters are by far the most popular type of email sent out, meant to keep your readers in the know with news and updates.

Different examples of newsletter emails.

Different examples of branded newsletter emails.

A newsletter email is an opportunity to share various information and content with your readers. Whether it’s related to your product or service, or about a particular topic, or topics, that your readers are interested in.

It typically consists of a round-up of links to content for further reading. A regular release cadence, like weekly or monthly, is common for a newsletter, but not strictly required.

What makes a good newsletter

Newsletters are meant to educate, inform, or entertain. That’s why people subscribe to them! You should first and foremost make sure your content adds value for your readers. Have a good understanding of what your readers care about.

The content should be consistent and on-topic for your audience to know what to expect from you. Be discerning in your curation, and thoughtful of your reader’s time.

If your newsletter is related to your product or service, you can certainly include content around your product or service as long as it’s useful to your readers. News on your product or service, upcoming webinars or events, and informational blog posts, are some good examples.

Standard formatting

Because newsletters often have various links to articles, the content tends to be formatted in a few standard ways to offer a good preview of what the article is about:

Information listing illustration

As listings with a description, with or without an accompanying image, and a call to action.

Two-column illustration

As two column listings with descriptions, with or without images, and call to actions.

Three-column illustration

Or as three column listings with shorter descriptions, smaller optional images, and call to actions.

Ready to put together your newsletter email? Download our free newsletter email template to use for designing and building your emails. And check out other email types and components you can use for your email design.

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