Visual email editing from your custom design

Developing branded email campaigns can be a lengthy, complicated, and messy task. Visual email editors that allow you to use your own design system and custom code can help. How do the available options compare?


Blocks Edit


Design setup

Simple Complex

Collaboration features

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Cost to use

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Includes free version

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The visual email editors landscape

From a design perspective, visual email editors have quality limitations. This comes from how email clients render emails and how it’s a difficult task for editors to account for all clients and have enough customization options to meet your design’s requirements. The best way to ensure quality design is to custom code your design.

When coding your design, making your design modular and having a design system of reusable components helps make the process more efficient. The Blocks Edit visual editor works around your library of custom designed and coded components. While there are a couple of other products on the market that do this, Blocks Edit is the easiest to setup and use, with added collaboration features others don’t have, and a lower price tag!

The setup and costs involved

You can get an editable email setup in Blocks Edit in minutes. In other products, it takes considerably longer and requires modifying your code to the extent that it can make it difficult to manage it as you make updates to your design. Blocks Edit’s editable tags approach keeps complexity and updates in mind by fitting around your current code without affecting it and how your design is output.

Besides a lengthier setup process costing you time, competing products’ price tag is also higher. If you visit their website, you won’t see a price listed, that's how you know it’s too much! We list our pricing upfront along with a free option to try it out for yourself.

Why Blocks Edit is different

Our goal from the beginning was to make a product that's flexible around any email's design requirements. And easy for your team to use to build emails visually, without any training required. Our integration options work with the tools you currently use for your email's workflow. They also keep you platform-agnostic, with your email code completely portable across any email provider.

Blocks Edit screenshot of the visual editor with the team comments in the activity panel

There are only essential editing options based around your design. Inline visual editing options focus on content and editorial review in all aspects of the interface. Team comments and a timeline of your email’s revisions appear in a single view. Automated checks and thoughtful accessibility reminders save you time and energy.

"Blocks Edit has allowed the team to accommodate the big influx of new creative requests, since designers are spending way less time designing emails and can now focus on other marketing."

— Steven Till, Senior Creative Developer, DICK'S Sporting Goods

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