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An example of an email, and its kanding page.

Emails with landing pages

The most effective way to gain audience interest, and conversions.

A collage of different kinds of marketing emails.

54 marketing emails to send out

Have all your bases covered by referring to this list of email types, with usage summaries and design examples.

Some examples of the components included in the Starter page boilerplate template.

Starter page boilerplate

Our open source skeleton template that uses modern HTML and CSS code techniques as a starting point for developing custom landing pages.

Screenshot of the visual editor interface for a landing page example.

Blocks Edit for landing pages

You can now use the visual editor for editing and building static pages, with the same simple interface and collaboration features.

Abstract icons of 15 commonly used email design patterns.

Starter email components theme

Featuring 10 standard email templates built from common design patterns that come from referencing hundreds of real-world emails.

Different examples of newsletter emails.

Newsletter email essentials

Newsletters are by far the most popular type of email sent out, meant to keep your readers in the know with news and updates.

An illustration of the Blocks Edit editorial workflow: content creation, editing + review, design changes, review + approvals.

How to: team editorial workflow

The content review process in Blocks Edit and how your coworkers can be a part of it.

Different examples of engagement emails.

Engagement email essentials

Loyalty program notifications, product recommendations, and triggered emails for keeping customers engaged.

A screenshot of the Blocks Edit visual template editor with an example template.

How to: the Blocks Edit template format

A single HTML page consisting of modules with placeholder content.

Different examples of helpful emails.

Helpful email essentials

Providing instructions, offering support options, and asking for feedback on your customer’s overall experience.

A photo of a board of pinned pieces of content for a magazine.

How to: pin content to use later

Save sections of content you put together to reuse in emails, update saved content, and keep your library organized with groups.

An abstract illustration of integrations connecting to workflows.

How to: workflow integrations

Transfer image assets to your host of choice, connect to your current platforms, and utilize your organization’s single-sign on.

Solo - Free - No limit on the number of templates or emails for building and editing | Team - $15/user per month - Coworkers can also review email previews and comment at no added per user cost | Integrations - $5/user per month, each

Blocks Edit individual user plan

New $15/user per month plan expands availability to more team sizes and types.

Screenshot of the Blocks Edit visual editor with the comments sidebar and the guest user modal.

Blocks Edit update: review commenting

Coworkers can now review and comment on email previews without requiring having an account.

Different examples of promo/e-commerce emails.

Promo/e-commerce email essentials

Sales and special offers for your customers, upselling, and abandon cart techniques.

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