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Engagement email essentials

Loyalty program notifications, product recommendations, and triggered emails for keeping customers engaged.

Different examples of engagement emails.

Different examples of branded engagement emails.

There are various ways to keep your customer engaged in your product or service, even after the initial purchase. Recommendations based on previous shopping, triggered emails based on usage of your product or service, or through notifications related to your loyalty program.

Loyalty/reward notifications

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Loyalty emails show customer appreciation based on your customer’s interaction with your product or service. You can send out offers or specific triggered emails based their previous purchases and points earned.


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If you have a range of content, products, or services, you can send out emails that allow for your customers to discover new options for them.


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If you have a product or service that involves interaction from your customers, you can setup triggered emails to encourage further engagement.

Another type of engagement email worth considering are anniversaries of when your user signed up, a birthday email, or other special occasions that may be relevant to your product or service. A recent trend has also been year-in-review emails sent out towards the end of the year that highlight your customer’s usage of your product or service in a fun way.

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