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54 marketing emails to send out

Have all your bases covered by referring to this list of email types, with usage summaries and design examples.

A collage of different kinds of marketing emails.

Split into ten categories, these are standard emails to send out for products, services, events, and more. Both transactional and promotional emails.


The welcome email is sent as soon as your audience signs up, introducing who you are and what they can expect from your company. View examples

  1. Welcome/account confirmation - your first email impression with your customer
  2. On-boarding - steps for using your product or service which could be a series of emails
  3. Email verification - having your users confirm their email address when signing up


Announcement emails are a way to share and promote something new or updated with your business, product, or service. View examples

  1. Product announcement - Create hype before the release by sending a teaser to existing customers
  2. Product launch - show the product in action with the photos and videos to help your customers experience it virtually
  3. Product guide - how-to tutorials, images of details, specs, and support information


Educate your audience on an event's value and why it's worth investing their time in it. View examples

  1. Event announcement - introduce the event, what makes it worth attending, and its date
  2. Dive into the details - break down sessions with an agenda, speakers, and highlights on of what will be presented
  3. Registration confirmation - confirms successful signup for event and provides next-steps
  4. Reminder - reminds the person of the upcoming event and any last-minute information they should know about
  5. What to expect from your appointment - details what the customer needs to do to prepare for an appointment
  6. Live stream notice - notify users if your live event is being streamed online
  7. Post-event recordings - include how your audience can access recordings of your sessions, if available
  8. Request feedback afterward - ask participants for feedback on how the event went

Confirmation emails

Sent to audience to confirm something that has happened, like when making a purchase. View examples

  1. Purchase receipt - details of order, expectation, and customer support contact
  2. Delivery status - progress of delivery including shipping tracking info
  3. Download link - for digital assets
  4. Password reset - confirmation email for change of account password
  5. Payment method update - confirming change of payment info

Subscription and payment

Customers expect to be notified by email about their account subscription and payment-related notices. View examples

  1. Membership confirmation - highlights benefits and provides user-specific terms of membership
  2. Free trial expiration - notifies recipient that their free trial is nearly over and tells them how to become a paying customer
  3. Upgrade offer - if you offer a free plan, let your free members know about your premium options to enhance what they’re already doing
  4. Auto-renewal - informs customer about the upcoming renewal of their service, with options to discontinue service or turn off auto-renewal
  5. Account ended/cancelled - confirmation of membership having ended or being cancelled
  6. Payment is due reminder - notifies the customer about an outstanding bill, triggered potentially at multiple intervals before and after payment is due
  7. Renewed/payment received - if the customer has opted to renew automatically, you can send them a receipt email
  8. Payment failure alert - informs customer that their payment method on file for a recurring service has failed and what they should do


Activity notification emails for things like product updates or new content. View examples

  1. Comment or message - someone posts a new comment response or sends a direct message to an account
  2. New posts - an update is made to content that the customer chose to receive email notices for
  3. Usage-specific - core activities made with your product, like taking photos, or writing articles
  4. Login attempt - in cases where usage of an account seems abnormal, it helps to notify the customer
  5. Product updates - important product/service features and changes
  6. Service changes - updated terms or privacy policy changes
  7. Save for later reminder - reminds customer of items they’ve chosen to add to a wishlist
  8. Availability - let’s the customer know an item that they pre-ordered has been released
  9. Back in stock - for products your customers showed interest in but was not available
  10. Sale alert - tells customer an item they may be interested in is on sale to encourage a purchase

Promo and e-commerce

Capture subscribers' attention to prompt them to make a purchase. This includes upsells and abandon cart triggers. View examples

  1. Upsell - providing customers additional product/service options based on options they are interested in
  2. Browse/cart abandonment - when a subscriber browses a product category but doesn’t place anything in their shopping cart
  3. Project abandonment - when a subscriber starts customizing a product or service but doesn’t complete the process
  4. Checkout abandonment - when a subscriber doesn’t finish the checkout process

Helpful emails

Provide instructions, offer support options, and ask for feedback on your customer’s experience with your product or service. View examples

  1. Care or installation instructions message - helps customer properly set up, install, use, or maintain their purchased product
  2. Support request - confirming contact submission, with expected response timeframe
  3. Quick survey option - a star rating system at the end of the email, or a thumbs up thumbs down format as “satisfied” and “not satisfied”

Engagement emails

Engagement emails pull in content, products, or services that relate with a previous action taken by an individual. View examples

  1. Profile notices - let customers know to complete their profile and preferences that allow you to better cater to their interests
  2. Nearly reaching milestone - lets customer know they are a number of points, purchases, or dollars away and highlights benefits they’ll receive
  3. Reaching milestone - congratulates customer and goes over the added benefits they now have access to
  4. Points or reward expiring - lets customer know that their points will expire soon and encourages them to use them
  5. Loyalty program reengagement - triggered by a lack of usage, encouraging customer to get additional points
  6. Product/service recommendations - based on general customer interests
  7. Curated options - a collection of themed product/service options
  8. Personalized recommendations - based on the customer’s previous purchases


Newsletter emails keep your readers in the know of news and updates, either on your product or service, or a specific topic, or both. View examples

  1. Product/service updates - share what’s new to have your readers stay in the know
  2. Curated info - focus on a particular topic that your readers are interested in

Need a starting point? Download these email components to use for designing and building your emails, with templates for all the email types above.

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