Create branded email marketing campaigns at scale

Turn your campaigns into editable templates so your team can build emails without having to code them

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You know your email production process is broken. You can feel it. Every time you’re going back and forth reviewing content with your team using text docs and email threads. Every time you have to start a new campaign from scratch. Every time you have to work with a programmer to make content updates. You can update content on your website on your own and build out new pages. Why can’t you do it with your email campaigns?

Streamline your email production workflow

Streamlined email marketing workflow

"Supporting email production went from 80% of my day to almost zero. I can now focus my time on strategy for clients and they have better control editing their email content."

— Steven Douglas, Founder, Some Reaction

Build and edit emails with your team

Good tools should allow us to do things more efficiently and empower us to do better work. Great tools should go even further, allowing us to shine at the work we are best at while enhancing our workflow and how we work with our team.

Designers, developers...

Design and build templates and define editable areas around the design, so as content is updated the design and code remain intact

Marketers, editors...

Build new emails and view your content changes live, as you're making them, reducing the need for additional QA and constant back and forth

...and anyone else you need to work with

The simple point and click interface requires no formal training, so anyone can be invited to jump in, review, and make necessary changes to an email

  • The CEO on the state of the union

  • Catherine in Finance's tax tips

  • The contract copywriter

  • Legal to do a final review

  • +

    Invite all the people you need

Use with your current email provider

Blocks Edit follows email development standards and is platform-agnostic, so you can import your email's code into your preferred email provider to send out.

...and more!

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