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Create branded email campaigns from your design system and collaborate with your team to build, edit, and get feedback, all in one simple interface.

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Example team member Example team member Example team member

Designers, developers

Design and build templates, maintain updates and upgrades.

Example team member Example team member Example team member

Marketers, managers, editors

Build out email layouts, write copy, edit and revise content, and manage assets.

And anyone else you need to work with!

Include anyone in your content production by bringing in people as needed.

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    VP of Customer Loyalty

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    Sales agent

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    Contract copywriter

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    Franchisee owner

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    Manage access for everyone

No vendor lock-in

Blocks Edit follows email development standards and is platform-agnostic, allowing you to connect to various platforms, and export your email's code to your current email provider.

...and more!

"Blocks Edit has allowed the team to accommodate the big influx of new creative requests, since designers are spending way less time designing emails and can now focus on other marketing."

— Steven Till, Senior Creative Developer, Dick's Sporting Goods

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