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Blocks Edit is a content management system for teams to create both on-brand email marketing and landing pages more efficiently. Setup your HTML design in minutes and start building for free!

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Branded email and landing page production

For the best design control, custom coding campaign designs is the way to go. This approach usually involves a lengthy and complex review and development process. Blocks Edit is here to help by allowing you to turn your HTML design into a modular visual editor.

"With Blocks Edit, we can import our own HTML templates and turn them into drag-and-drop templates that are always on brand. We can also limit the ability to change copy and styling options, so that anyone can use the tool and expect an on-brand result."

— Ralph van den Broeck, Marketing Automation Manager, Fisher & Paykel Appliances

What makes Blocks Edit unique?

You're in control of how emails and landing pages are built. Options work around your code and it's kept intact, modifying only content. Design updates are easy to make over time.

It's completely platform-agnostic. Use and export to standard HTML that works with any email provider and hosting option.

For anyone and everyone to use. The editor interface includes the essentials, without unnecessary options to get in the way. So you can share with your team to build and edit, or review and comment, without requiring extensive training.

Bring out the best in your organization’s content production. Since we started, we've saved our customers over 200,000 hours in coding their emails and landing pages manually while allowing them to better collaborate with their team.

Made for your entire organization

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Marketers, managers, editors

Build out content, write copy, edit and revise, and manage assets.

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Designers, developers

Design and build templates, and maintain updates and upgrades.

And anyone else you need to work with!

Include anyone in your content production by bringing in people as needed.

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No vendor lock-in

Blocks Edit follows email and web standards and is platform-agnostic, allowing you to connect to various platforms and export your content to any email provider and hosting option.

...and more!

"Blocks Edit has allowed the team to accommodate the big influx of new creative requests, since designers are spending way less time designing emails and can now focus on other marketing."

— Steven Till, Senior Creative Developer, DICK'S Sporting Goods

Import your HTML design and make it visually editable in minutes.

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