Get your coworkers on board

Tools and resources to talk to your team about using a design system and the Blocks Edit visual editor for your email’s content production.

Common questions to prepare for

Is it expensive?

Blocks Edit is completely free for a single user to start using, then $99 for as many team members as you need, with no limits on templates or campaigns.

Is it difficult to implement?

It takes as little as 5 minutes to make initial content in a template editable. We can also help you through the process with a free proof of concept.

Why can’t we use the visual email editor that’s part of our ESP?

When trying to implement a custom design that fits your brand, you will find that you run into limitations on what you can do with your ESP's editor. Blocks Edit adds editable options around your custom code so there are no limitations to your design.

What about the tools we’re currently using?

Blocks Edit is a platform agnostic content editor so you can still use your current ESP. And we have integration options for additional tools like asset sources and single sign on providers.