Integrate your email's assets into Blocks Edit to focus your content production

Get access to your images without leaving the editor. Export your edited email with image URLs dynamically generated so it's ready for send-off.

Connect to your platform

While you can do all your email editing in Blocks Edit with images and files from your computer, you can extend your functionality to other platforms using our integrations feature. Here are marketing content essentials that we connect to.

Mix and match integrations

The modularized workflow allows using multiple integrations as sources. So for example, you can import an email from your sFTP server, get images from an S3 bucket, and export an edited email to your Salesforce Marketing Cloud account. Have multiple instances of the same integration type, each with its own settings. Even specify folders for your team members to access.

No vendor lock-in

Blocks Edit follows email development standards and is truly platform-agnostic, so you can import your email's code into your preferred email provider to send out.

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