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Making content editable

Making your template editable can be done either by tagging your code with CSS classes and HTML attributes, or by using the visual template editor that will add the tags to your code for you. You can always export your template code after adding editable tags.

The template editor also has a code editor built-in for making tweaks. You may see additional attributes you don't recognize while using it. These only appear while editing and do not get saved with your template code.

Works around your code

Editable tags and attributes plug into any HTML code so you can use your current code base. Any code editor or tool to generate your HTML template will work. The tags also don't affect any of your design, so you are still able to continue updating and reviewing your template even after adding tags in. And you can always update your template to add functionality later.

Import options

Your components must all be contained in a single HTML template file. You can either import the standalone HTML file, or a ZIP file with any image assets for your template. Your ZIP file will need to have your HTML file and images at the root level, with no folders. Images will be included with each exported email, along with any other added images that may have been uploaded while editing.

Preview mode

Try out a template's features after import without having to create emails. Click on the edit icon () next to the title of your template from the dashboard to go into template preview and editing mode.

From preview mode, you can go into edit mode to update the editable options for your template. Any options you add will be added around your code. You can then make updates to your code by downloading the updated version and then uploading your changed version back using the Import new version option at the top.

Template updates

New emails will be created based on the latest version of the template. Any emails created from previous versions will continue to work, but with features only from the specific version each email was created from. You can use the template update option for an email to import any changes you may need to an email you're currently working on.


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