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Modular design technique: Layout styles to break up content

AAA’s newsletter allows for glanceable reading by using a wide range of content layout options.

An email example with various layout styles used throughout.

Examples of different layouts used in AAA South Jersey emails.

AAA South Jersey’s eUpdate offers customers services and ideas to help them plan their next trip. From discounts and reward options to automative and insurance advice, to travel inspiration. With so many things to cover, their modular template requires flexibility for content formats and is designed for customers to skim through.

Content-focused layout

For the variety of content, different layout sections are utilized:

  • A single-column feature
  • 2-column with a photo aligned either left or right
  • 2-column grid with both columns having photos and copy
  • 3-column with smaller photos
  • 3-column with icon graphics

The sections used are based on the content that fits within them. The layout design is bare-bones with no accent styling besides set spacing. This makes the content central to what brings it all together. Callout banners and line breaks further help separate content.

Reuse of core components

Components within each section are also kept basic: image, title, text, call-to-action. Photos for images match in style. Call-to-actions have either one type of button or linked text. And titles have just a couple of size and format options. This approach allows these elements to be placed within any of the layout sections and keeps the design consistent throughout.

Using these various layouts breaks up content and lets customers browse while scrolling as they look for the areas that interest them. Clear call-to-actions allow them to read further and take next steps. A simple, tried and true formula at it's best!

Learn how AAA used Blocks Edit to build emails from their template. And for a variety of layout options to use in your own design, check out our Starter template.

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