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On email design and content production workflow

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Different examples of notification emails.

Notification email essentials

Before SMS and phone notifications, there were emails, and they are still the most effective way for your customers to get important, timely, notices.

Different examples of subscription and payment emails.

Subscription and payment email essentials

Important member management options and recurring payments.

A man and woman in their kitchen, using their Fisher & paykel appliances.

How Fisher & Paykel built on-brand emails with their team

Producing emails with Blocks Edit significantly reduced the need for design and development and increased output of their emails.

Different examples of confirmation emails.

Confirmation email essentials

Confirmation emails are some of the most widely read, and are often saved to be referenced at a later time.

Different examples of event emails.

Event email essentials

If you hold an event, email is a great way to inform your audience about it and set their expectations.

Different examples of announcement emails.

Announcement email essentials

If you’re launching something new, why not let your valuable subscribers in on the news?

Different examples of welcome/onboarding emails.

Welcome/onboarding email essentials

The welcome email has the highest open and click-through rates, use it well!

Graphic with titles for Text, Links and Images and their icons.

How to: editable content

Video walkthrough of making text and images editable, and how links work.

Graphic with titles for Sections, Components and Regions and their icons.

How to: modules

Video walkthrough of how to setup sections, components, and regions.

An email template shown with various spacing examples.

Template technique: handling spacing

Maintaining consistent spacing in an email layout.

An email template shown, and its dark mode version.

Template technique: levels of email dark mode

How to prepare your template for email clients and their dark mode affects.

An email template shown for desktop and for mobile.

Template technique: automatic mobile layout

Simple code for globally adjusting any column in an email template for mobile.

Outlook logo on top of a broken window.

Letting go of Outlook for Windows

No more tables, no more VML, no more Outlook’s dirty code!

Five screenshots from the Blocks Edit visual editor: left top, an example of a notice for an image that doesn't have an alt tag; left middle, a notice for a URL that was evaluated as being broken; left bottom, a modal with tracking parameters for a link; right top, a comment being posted, right bottom, a checklist of reminders.

How to: quality control

Checks and balances we put in Blocks Edit to help your emails achieve their greatest potential!

A list of 12 reminders to help with reviewing email content: Alt text on images, links, tracking parameters, links on images, preview text, mobile, placeholder content, voice and tone, make scannable, review images, titles and buttons, call to action.

Why you should have an email content checklist

And 12 essential items you should include on your checklist.

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