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Blocks Edit for landing pages

You can now use the visual editor for editing and building static pages, with the same simple interface and collaboration features.

Screenshot of the visual editor interface for a landing page example.

When uploading a new theme, you now have the option to upload HTML for pages. Once uploaded, the dashboard for your theme, along with the visual editor, adjust to web page-specific options.

Familiar interface

Everything will look familiar as the same core content workflow and features have been translated to work with landing pages. This includes:

  • Drag and drop, point and click inline content editing
  • Saved layouts to use for different page types
  • Pinning of content to reuse across pages
  • Building and editing for any team member to use
  • Draft and preview link for sharing, with commenting for team members
  • Checklist of important content reminders
  • Revision history of updates made by your team
  • Integrations for hosting assets and exporting, platform agnostic to work with any host provider

Editing setup

Setting up your landing page theme is as easy as with an email and you can also use the visual theme editor to make your HTML content editable.

And just like with emails, you can get started with your design and build and edit pages for free.

Photo of Ovi Demetrian Jr Ovi Demetrian Jr