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Starter email components theme

Featuring 10 standard email templates built from common design patterns that come from referencing hundreds of real-world emails.

Abstract icons of 15 commonly used email design patterns.

Our new Starter email components theme is a collection of 10 standard email types that came out of browsing and studying hundreds of emails! The email templates are made up of 15 stackable, commonly used sections.

Template layouts

Each template represents a standard email type. Click below to view the template, along with real-world examples of email designs for inspiration, and a list of content tips and ideas:


These are common design patterns that the template layouts were built from and can be reused modularly to build different kinds of emails:

You can download the Starter email components theme for free and start using it to design and build your own emails.

The Starter email components theme is included with new Blocks Edit accounts. Sign up for free to start using it in the visual editor.

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