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How to: pin content to use later

Save sections of content you put together to reuse in emails, update saved content, and keep your library organized with groups.

A photo of a board of pinned pieces of content for a magazine.

A board of pinned pieces of content for a magazine.

Pinning a section allows saving content that you can reuse across emails. It’s as simple as using the pin icon in the upper right of a section. Just give your pin a name and a screenshot of its current state is generated and put in the left sidebar under a Pins panel.

Pin versions

Clicking on the pin icon of a pin that has been previously saved will bring up that pin’s revision history. You can choose to save a new version of the pin with your updated content. You can also view a preview of the pin’s past revisions, and roll back to a particular version to use instead.

If a pin you’re using has an updated version added, there will be a red dot on the section’s pin option, no matter which emails you’re in email. This allows you to get the latest version of the pin’s content, if you want. You will be shown the revision history view to preview the changes first before committing to do so.

Pin groups

As you start collecting more pins, you can start organizing them into groups. Click the Add a pin group button, at the top of the pins sidebar, and give your group a name. When creating a new pin, you’ll have a dropdown of your groups to put the pin in.

Groups appear on the left sidebar with a drop down option. Collapsing a group shows the pins within the group for you to use in your email.

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