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How to: team editorial workflow

The content review process in Blocks Edit and how your coworkers can be a part of it.

An illustration of the Blocks Edit editorial workflow: content creation, editing + review, design changes, review + approvals.

People you work with producing content for your emails can be brought into Blocks Edit at any step along the way.

Initial content writing

Writing content is normally done in a text editor with the copywriter highlighting certain aspects of potential design elements, like a call to action button or banner.

In Blocks Edit, the copywriter can write directly in the visual editor and drag and drop predesigned components that they can work their copy into. Inline editing of content shows them how their content will look in its final form, in real time. So there's no back and forth needed about how content fits within the design.

Copy editing and review

Reviewing content often requires other people to look at and make adjustments or provide feedback. Instead of passing around docs and gathering notes in multiple places, you can do it all in Blocks Edit by sharing the email with coworkers. Either via a link to get feedback, or by inviting them into the editor to make adjustments themselves.

They can view your email in its current state and add comments that you can respond to. And they don't even need to setup an account to do it. To make edits, they sign in and the email is available on their dashboard. Their changes are kept as part of a revision history that you can roll back if needed.

Design edits and additions

Additional design work may be needed, either for special imagery, or for updating or adding a new content component. Blocks Edit allows for making design updates while you continue working on your email.

A designer can add new components to the email’s template and they’ll be available for you to then drag into your email to use. They can also modify a current component that you can then update within your email’s design.

Final review

To get final approvals, there are multiple options for sharing. Either as a link for review and feedback. A test email that can be sent out. Or, a PDF version of the email can be downloaded to pass out.

To help with quality control, the Blocks Edit editor has notices to help you out. For images without alt tags, if a link's URL is missing, and if tracking for links should be added (if the feature is enabled). A checklist for the team can also be added with reminders for content that should be reviewed.

Sign up for your free Blocks Edit account and bring in your coworkers to become a part of your email production's workflow.

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