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Blocks Edit individual user plan

New $15/user per month plan expands availability to more team sizes and types.

Solo - Free - No limit on the number of templates or emails for building and editing | Team - $15/user per month - Coworkers can also review email previews and comment at no added per user cost | Integrations - $5/user per month, each

We’ve updated our pricing to make it more flexible for teams of all kinds, with a per user option that allows coworkers to add editors as their team grows.

Our recently upgraded review mode allows coworkers to review and comment on email previews without an added per user cost.

Updated integration pricing too

We’re also making integrations more available and flexible at an added $5/user per month for each integration, no matter the type of integration. From uploading to your assets host, to direct email provider connections, to single sign-on for your organization. And any future integrations that we add.

Free solo plan

And we still have our free plan for a single user to use all that Blocks Edit has to offer as well. With all editing features, and no limits on templates used or emails built.

We’re excited by the new opportunities this allows for people to access a better way to build the best quality emails. And to be able build and edit them with their team!

Now is the best time to sign up for your Blocks Edit account and get started building great emails with your team.

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