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Subscription and payment email essentials

Important member management options and recurring payments.

Different examples of subscription and payment emails.

Different examples of branded subscription and payment emails.

Subscription and payment-related notifications are where email becomes most relevant as it’s where users expect to be notified about their accounts.

Account status

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Seems basic and common, but is the most important when it comes to maintaining the relationship with an on-going customer.

As a new account is on its way to expiring and potentially getting cancelled, consider offering incentives and promotions for users to become paying customers. You can also allow them to extend their trial with an option directly in the email!


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If your company bills on a recurring basis, a series of emails may be needed around your service and payment.

You will eventually run into an issue with a payment method. Dunning is the act of notifying customers that a recurring payment has failed, usually because of outdated payment information, insufficient funds, or a lost, stolen, or otherwise blocked card.

Dunning process

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Your dunning emails serve to guide the customer through the process of updating their details and solving the problem and should be as frictionless as possible to ensure that a payment is made:

Most customers don’t instantly know why a payment failed. Expired credit cards are not uncommon, especially when someone has been a customer for a while. There’s also fraud and other issues that could have caused a payment to get canceled. It can help to also make your customer aware of these potential issues in case they need to take additional steps to resolve them.

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