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Blocks Edit 5th anniversary

How we got to the current version and how we're looking forward.

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We're celebrating by giving away this set of stickers and pins! (Details below.)

Five years ago, Blocks Edit launched with the goal of making an email editor “flexible for a designer to build their email template without any restrictions from implementing content editing features.”

And we’re in the middle of another big upgrade that will come into place by the end of the year: team commenting and a full editorial review workflow.

Which puts us into year six as we look further down the road toward new content collaboration capabilities, and even more integrations with platforms and tools!

To celebrate our fifth anniversary, we're giving away a set of #emailgeeks stickers and pins (shown above) for free (including shipping)! To get yours email me with your mailing address. Supplies are limited!

Haven’t given Blocks Edit a try yet? It’s free to get started with, easier than ever to setup for your own custom template, and includes all of the above for streamlining your email’s production with your team.

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