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How to: template updates workflow

Maintaining updates to your template while working on emails.

As you build and edit emails from your template, what happens when you make updates to the template? And how do you include those updates on a current email you’re working on?

Setting things up

To get started, you import your HTML and make areas of it editable using the visual template editor. You can also make things editable using the editable tags that you can add manually in your code.

Once you’re happy with how things work, you can invite your team to build and edit emails from the template. If you setup any integrations, be sure to enable them in the template settings so they can be used during exporting.

Making updates

There will most likely be design updates to the template. Formatting tweaks, updates in the footer, new added modules, etc. To make these updates, you can use the code editor within the template editor. You can also import a new version of the code that you worked on in your own code editor. If you used the visual template editor to add editable options, make sure you first download the template code with the editable options.

All new emails built will automatically get the latest updates that you’ve made. For any current emails being worked on that need the updates, there are a couple ways that the updates are applied: Any added sections and components will be automatically added to the sidebar and can be used. And for any changes, an update icon () will be shown at the top while you’re in edit mode. Clicking it will apply the template updates to the email while keeping its content intact.

If you want to see an example of this workflow in action, check out our walkthrough video that goes from template setup to template changes applied to a current email.

For more details on how template updates work, check out the help docs. And for any questions, feel free to message us.

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