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Blocks Edit update: Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration

Make your SFMC assets accessible in Blocks Edit and let your team build and edit emails and export them to Content Builder.

Our first vendor integration is for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. You can now connect to your SFMC account to access your images and template files from within Blocks Edit. And when you’re finished editing your email, you’ll be able to export it to your SFMC account with image URLs dynamically updated, so your email is ready to send out.

Once your SFMC account is connected to Blocks Edit, you will have the option to browse files from Content Builder. Either from the Blocks Edit dashboard when importing a template file, or in the email editor, when adding in an image. Read the full run-through of how it works and what else you can do.

This approach to your content production allows you to focus on your content within Blocks Edit and invite team members to build, edit, and review emails who otherwise wouldn’t need access to the full Salesforce Marketing Cloud suite. The Blocks Edit editor is also designed to be purposefully limited around only the content changes that need to be made, and with only the editing options you set up for your template. So you and your team can easily and quickly make updates without worrying about messing anything up, and your email’s code remains intact.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration is now available, ready to setup in your Blocks Edit account. If you haven't signed up for Blocks Edit yet, sign up to try out the new integration for free.

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