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Blocks Edit update: a redesign, and email search

A lighter, cleaner design upgrade with a single template view, and keyword searching for finding your emails.

Screenshot of the redesigned Blocks Edit dashboard showing the template view with emails and folders.

The dashboard and editor have gotten a redesign! Now lighter and cleaner with functionality improvements making it easier to navigate.

Email search

Besides the new look and feel, the first thing you’ll notice when you log in is an Email search added in the top bar. This will allow you to search for the name of an email and get results as you type. Results will show emails matching your keyword along with where each email is located and when it was last updated, and by whom.

Single-template view

Each template now has its own separate screen. If you have multiple templates on your dashboard and each one has a good amount of emails, then this one's for you! When you log in, you'll be taken to the last template you were on. And at the top will be a dropdown to access your other templates.

Dark mode

If the redesign is too light for you, and you'd prefer a darker tone, we've included a dark mode version. The interface will automatically adjust to it based on your operating system/browser setting. Or, you can manually set it from My profile, by clicking on your avatar in the upper right.

Still familiar

While things may feel different, most things are where you would expect them to be, and work the same as before. Here are a few other things that got shifted around:

  • If you are part of multiple organizations, you would previously see multiple tabs at the top for them. They’re now in a their own dropdown at the top left.
  • Access to organization and integration settings are now also at the top, next to the organization dropdown. Previously, they were both on a single screen, hidden away in your account dropdown at the top right.
  • The template screenshot is now bigger, and moved on the right, for a preview that's easier to see.
  • The option to add a folder is now at the bottom of your template, where other folders reside.

The first-time user experience has also been improved to better introduce new users to their dashboard.

We hope you enjoy this update. Stay tuned for more! And thank you for being a Blocks Edit customer. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us.

Photo of Ovi Demetrian Jr Ovi Demetrian Jr