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Blocks Edit update: Single sign-on integration

For organizations that use a single sign-on solution for their team's account management.

Our latest integration is a new type of tool connection from our previous content-based sources. It's for organizations that use single sign-on solutions to manage their team's accounts. This allows for better control over tools used within the organization as well as an added layer of security. A couple of notable examples of single sign-on providers are Okta and OneLogin. We use the SAML standard to connect to any provider you may be using.

Setting up your organization is a matter of matching up data fields from your Blocks Edit account settings to authorization settings required by your provider. Once the initial setup process is in place, you can assign Blocks Edit to your team members as an app from your provider's apps directory and each team member can automatically sign in from their dashboard. Just-in-time provisioning is also available to automatically create accounts for added team members.

Here's the full overview along with how the setup process works.

Single sign-on integration support for your organization is available now in Blocks Edit, from your dashboard. Sign up and get started for free.

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