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How to: reusing content pieces

Working with content, modularly in Blocks Edit.

On a fundamental level, a template is made up of text and image blocks. For added functionality, Blocks Edit allows grouping different parts of a template into components and sections. This is not only a good model for breaking down an email's design, but is also effective when thinking about your email's content.

Defined modularity

A component can be a button, or a title, for example, that can be dragged in when building an email. And a section is a collection of components and longer form copy that makes up a stackable container of an email’s base.

Saving content for reuse

When building an email in the Blocks Edit editor, you have an option to pin sections. This allows saving content that you may use again in the future. Pinning a section allows you to give it a name and have it added to the left sidebar.

You can also save layouts of a collection of sections with content. Layouts work as a way to keep different email types to use as a starting point when working on a new email.

Maintaining template updates

Each piece of content uses the current design and code from when it was saved. Any updates to the template code are considered design changes and do not get applied to any previously saved content, whether it’s an email, a saved layout, or a pinned section.

If you need to apply changes to previously saved content, there is an update option that allows template changes to essentially get transferred over by automatically rebuilding the content pieces.

Modular, saved content essentially adds a similar level of efficiency as a modular template adds efficiency to the reuse of design patterns. The two together makes for the perfect combination for your email’s design system.

If you have any questions on these or any other Blocks Edit features, feel free to send us a message. And take a look through our help docs.

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