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Editable text

To be used on individual text-based elements, making content within each editable. This is the editable option that you'll be using the most.

block-edit or -block-edit: true

Use it as close to the copy as possible, outside of bold and italic formatting tags, and outside of a string of text that has a link within it.

Adding variable names to text elements saves their content. Each unique content piece requires its own variable name. Using the same variable name on multiple content pieces will update content for all pieces when one is updated.

data-block="variable-name" or -block-var: variable-name


<p class="block-edit" data-block="example-text" style="text-align: left">Content</p>

Minimum/Maximum characters

Sets a character limit for content in an element.

block-minchar-# or -block-minchar: #

block-maxchar-# or -block-maxchar: #


<div class="block-edit block-maxchar-10">Text copy</div>


Disables option for making text bold.

block-no-bold or -block-bold: false


<div class="block-edit block-no-bold">Text copy for an area.</div>


Disables option for making text italic.

block-no-italic or -block-italic: false


<div class="block-edit block-no-italic">Text copy for an area.</div>


Disables option for allowing text to be made superscript.

block-no-superscript or -block-no-superscript: false


<div class="block-edit block-superscript">Text copy for an area.</div>


Disables option for allowing text to be made subscript.

block-no-subscript or -block-no-subscript: false


<div class="block-edit block-subscript">Text copy for an area.</div>

Disable text

Disables text from being edited in an element. For example, a button that should only have its link updated.

block-no-text or -block-text: false


<a href="#" class="block-edit block-no-text">More info</a>


Allows a text area to be removed.

block-remove or -block-remove: true


<h1 class="block-edit block-remove">Title</h1>


You can use email provider tokens/tags/variables throughout your template and emails as you normally would and they will be read by your ESP when exporting your emails to it.

This includes using tokens in text, links, and images as you build and edit emails in the visual editor. Note that images may appear to be broken if a token is used for an image's path.


Hello {{FirstName}}

Template editor

Editable text in the template editor

In the template editor, go into edit mode, and with the content icon () chosen on the left, start selecting text areas that you want to make editable within your template. Editable options will appear in the sidebar on the left. Click Update to enable the options. And Save to go into template preview mode to see the results.


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