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How to: sharing and exporting workflows

Sharing during editing and review, and how export options work in Blocks Edit.

Screenshot of the sharing and exporting process in the Blocks Edit editor.

Examples of share and export modals.

The standard Blocks Edit collaboration workflow starts with inviting people to build and edit emails from a template. During the edits and review stage, you can additionally share with others that are not editors. And when exporting, integrations help you directly upload your assets where they need to go, or you can just download them.

Inviting people to collaborate

After importing your template, you can invite anyone to contribute to building emails from it. By default, inviting them to a template using the Invite/remove editors option under a template, gives them an editor role for that template. This role allows them to manage, build, and edit individual emails.

You can bring them in as an admin from the organization screen by clicking on your profile in the upper right and then your organization account. If you are an owner or an admin, you'll see an option to add another admin. Admins can make updates to a template, or manage integrations for it.

Sharing during review

As you're working on an email, there are a couple of ways to share it with someone else for review. And this can be done without requiring them to be a part of the editing team.

In the editor, click Share in the upper right. Or from the dashboard, look for the share icon on the right of an email. A modal will come up to either copy a private email preview link, or to send a test email. You can also download a PDF version of the email as well.

Exporting for send-off

When an email is ready to send, there are several export options:

  • If you haven't added any images, or have set URLs for them during editing, you can just download or copy your HTML code
  • If you've uploaded images, you will be given the option to set a global URL for your images to point to, and then the option to download both your HTML and modified images
  • If you have an asset source integration set up like FTP, Amazon S3, or Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can export modified images to those sources and image URLs are dynamically generated and updated in the HTML code; you can then download/copy your code, or also export to an asset source

A modal depending on your settings will come up when clicking the Export option in the upper right.

If you have any questions on these or any other Blocks Edit features, feel free to send us a message. And take a look through our help docs.

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