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Template updates

When template updates are made, changes do not get applied to current emails, only new ones. By default, each email associates the specific template version that was available at the time the email was created. This ensures that potential design changes don’t affect an email as it’s being built.

However, there is an option to apply a template update and essentially upgrade to the latest version, if needed. At the top of an email an update icon () will be shown that will update the HTML code while keeping the content intact.

In order for this to work, and for the option to be shown, every editable content element requires having a variable name set. As should sections, components, and regions as well. Both in the updated version, and the version of the template for the email.

Layouts and pins also need to be updated separately from the email since they also use the template version of when they are saved, separately from when the email is created. Layouts and pins will have an update icon at the top in the left sidebar. Applying the updates means all emails will use the updated versions.

If layouts and pins don’t meet the requirements for being updated, you will see a warning icon () next to the layouts and pins that the update can’t be applied to and have to be rebuilt manually.



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