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Blocks Edit update: Klaviyo integration

Use Blocks Edit with your Klaviyo ecommerce marketing solution.

Our latest integration is with the ecommerce marketing platform, Klaviyo. With it you can export the emails you build and edit in Blocks Edit directly to your Klaviyo account and not touch any of the code along the way.

Klaviyo is focused on businesses that sell online by connecting to your ecommerce platform to provide marketing tools and data you can use to further promote and grow your site. This allows seamlessly segmenting and personalizing your emails based on your customer's shopping preferences.

Once you've setup the integration in Blocks Edit, you'll see Klaviyo as an option to export to for your email, as a source. Just click Transfer and a new template is created in your Klaviyo account of your email HTML. In Klaviyo, create your campaign, and when you get to the Content step, use the Select Template option and My Templates to see the added template among your other templates.

You can use the Klaviyo integration in Blocks Edit as of today. It also works in conjunction with external asset sources for exporting your email’s images to. Sign up and get started with Blocks Edit for free.

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