Using integrations

Blocks Edit's modularized workflow allows using multiple integrations as sources. So for example, you can import an email from your sFTP server, get images from an S3 bucket, and export an edited email to your Salesforce Marketing Cloud account.

Template sources

After setting up your integrations, you can enable multiple integrations to use as asset sources in the editor. You can do this in the dashboard by clicking on the preferences icon () on the right side of a template title.

Note: you will need to be an admin or owner on the account to have access to these settings.

Screenshot of template settings panel in Blocks Edit.

Browsing files

If you'd like to import images for your email from an external source, you can browse the files from your source.

Screenshot of the file browser in Blocks Edit.

Exporting your emails

When you’re ready to export your email, you will be able to choose where you want to save your images, with your sources as options. And use the file browser to select a folder to put your images.

Screenshot of image exporting in Blocks Edit, with source browsing, manual URL, and relative path options.

The image URLs from your email will be automatically updated in the HTML email so it’s ready for send-off.

You will then have the option to export your HTML as well, including to your source option(s).

Screenshot of the export modal in Blocks Edit, with HTML transfer, download, and copy options.


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