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Iterable integration setup instructions

Enabling account access

  1. Log in to your Iterable account. In the top navigation, mouse over Integrations and click on API Keys.

    Iterable top navigation

  2. Click the New API Key button.
  3. In the modal window, give your API a name and set Type as Server-side. And click Create to generate the API Key.
  4. Copy the API Key shown

Finishing up in Blocks Edit

  1. In Blocks Edit, next to your organization at the top, click the integrations icon (). Note: You’ll see the integration option only if you are an admin or owner on the account.
  2. Click the Add button next to Iterable.
  3. Here you’ll just need to add in your Iterable API Key.
  4. Click Save to save your credentials.

Template access settings

You will need to enable your integration for each template that you want to allow using as a source for exporting your emails. You can do this in the dashboard by clicking on the preferences icon () on the right side of a template title.

You can also set default values for From Name, From Email, and Reply Email.

Template settings

Note: you will need to be an admin or owner on the account to have access to these settings.



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