OneLogin Single Sign-On

Setup instructions

  1. In Blocks Edit, next to your organization at the top, click the integrations icon (). Note: You’ll see the integration option only if you are an admin or owner on the account.
  2. Click the Add button next to Single Sign-On.
  3. If you would like, you can give your integration a name you can refer to, or just leave the default name.
  4. Use the Identity Provider drop down and select OneLogin. These will be the details you will need as you setup the Blocks Edit app connection in your OneLogin account.

Adding Blocks Edit to your OneLogin account

  1. Log in to your OneLogin account and click on the Applications in the top menu.
  2. Then click the Add App button.

  3. On the next screen, under Find Applications, search for SAML Test Connector, and click SAML Test Connector (Advanced) from the results.

  4. For the Display Name use Blocks Edit. And if you'd like, download the Blocks Edit rectangular icon, and square icon to include. And for description, you can use: "Turn your email and landing page marketing campaigns into editable templates for your team to build emails and pages without having to code them." This will help your team find the app in their accounts to connect to.

  5. Click Save. Then click Configuration on the left side menu. This is where you will need to refer to your Blocks Edit SSO integration settings.
  6. Copy the Audience, Recipient, ACS (Consumer) URL Validator, and ACS (Consumer) URL fields from Blocks Edit and paste them in their corresponding fields in OneLogin.
  7. Continue to Parameters on the left side menu. And click the + icon on the right to add a new field.

  8. You will see a window to enter a Field name and after clicking Save, another that shows a Value field. For Field name, enter firstName and for Value, enter First Name. Repeat this process again with lastName for the Field name, and Last Name for the Value.

  9. One finished, click the Save button in the upper right hand corner to save your finished settings.

Connecting your Blocks Edit account to OneLogin

  1. After saving your OneLogin internal Blocks Edit app, look for and click on the More Actions drop down menu on the right, next to the Save button. In the drop down, click on SAML Metadata.

  2. This will download an XML file to your computer.
  3. Back in your Blocks Edit account, on the Single Sign-On screen, look for SAML Metadata and click Choose File to browse for your downloaded file.
  4. Click Save Settings on the Blocks Edit screen to update your integration.
  5. Your team will now be able to log in to your Blocks Edit organization using OneLogin. Either by assigning the Blocks Edit application to them, or by searching for Blocks Edit in their applications themselves.


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