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Single sign-on integration

Use your organization's single sign-on provider (like Okta, OneLogin, etc) to connect to Blocks Edit.

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If you use a single sign-on provider, like Okta, or OneLogin, or others within your organization to connect to web apps, you can add Blocks Edit to your list of apps and log in with a single click.

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Support available

Need help setting up your single sign-on integration? Here are some options:

No vendor lock-in

Blocks Edit uses email development best practices for your code, and API standards to connect to your sources. We're truly platform-agnostic, so you can use your preferred email, marketing, and organizational tools.

Connect your tools into Blocks Edit

Extend your workflow based on your organization's other tools: get access to your images without leaving the editor; export your edited email so it's ready for send-off with your provider.

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