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Blocks Edit update: Amazon Web Services S3 integration

Utilize AWS's content delivery service in your email production workflow.

Using Amazon Web Service's S3 as a content delivery network ensures images in your email load fast. If you utilize S3 for your organization’s assets, you can now build your emails in Blocks Edit and get direct access to your files while making content updates. The simple interface allows you to easily browse your files and transfer them back and forth.

Import current images from your S3 bucket, or upload new ones to your bucket that you’ve added to your email. And when you’ve finished your email, your image URLs are automatically updated in your email’s code to point to your S3 source. No need to do it manually, and no need to scale and compress your images either. Everything happens in the background while you just focus on making the updates you need to your email. Here are all the features.

And because the editor interface is so easy to use, you can invite your team to make edits to your email as well and use the S3 connection. Setting up your email template in Blocks Edit lets you set boundaries around what gets edited and how, so you don’t worry about something getting messed up in the process.

You can use the Amazon Web Services S3 integration in Blocks Edit as of today. You can even connect to multiple buckets, or to other platforms — FTP/sFTP and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Sign up and try them for free.

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