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Blocks Edit update: email checklist

Reminders for content that should be reviewed for your emails.

Screenshot of the Blocks Edit visual editor with a sidebar of checklist items.

Do you keep a checklist for email campaigns that go out? If not, you should! It works as a reminder of important aspects to make sure you include or review in each email before it gets sent out. That’s what the latest Blocks Edit feature is about.

You can now manage a custom global checklist on a template level that adds your checklist items to each new email that’s built. Team members can check off items on the checklist as they are complete/evaluated.

How to setup

The checklist feature is enabled by default with a couple essential reminders included: image alt text and links. If you have the tracking links feature enabled, you will also see an item for link parameters.

In template settings you can add your own custom items, and disable the default items as well. Items cannot be added or removed on an email level since the checklist should not be treated as to-do items, but general items that should apply to every email.

How to use

To view the checklist while editing an email, there is an icon for it on the right, with a sidebar of the checklist items. When an item is checked off, it is logged in the activity panel with who checked it off, and when.

The new checklist feature is now available to help improve your emails!

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