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Sending branded emails with your email client

For sending out designed emails the same way you would send individual emails with your email client.

If you want to send out simple emails to a small group of people, or to use as your template for one on one emails, you can use your own email client to load in your email design. It is not recommended doing mass sends as you would need to include an unsubscribe option.

Apps + copy and paste

By using this method, the code in your head area of your email with not get included. This means no added styling, or media queries to adjust for mobile, or certain Outlook-specific settings.

For Apple Mail and Gmail, open the HTML file in your web browser. Then go to Edit and Select All, and then Edit and Copy. Compose a new message and click within the message content area, and Edit and Paste.

In Outlook, compose a new email. Go to Insert and Attach File. Find your HTML and click on the dropdown arrow next to the Insert button and choose Insert as Text.

After getting your email pasted in, you can even tweak text in some cases. But be careful doing so as formatting can get messed up in the process. Note that images are included in the email, so make sure that they are not too large!

Webmail + browser dev tools

You can also use some webmail clients and get all of your HTML code output, including your head area with this somewhat hacky method. You’ll need to have your browser’s dev tools enabled for this to work.

Open the HTML code in either your code editor of choice, or in your browser and do a View Source on it. Do a Select All and copy the code.

Open your webmail email client, like,, or Apple Mail via Compose a new message. In the message content area, add in some temporary text. Right click on the added text and use the Inspect Element option.

Replace the temporary text by using the Edit as HTML option and paste your code in. Close your inspector and you’ll see your email in the message content area.

To get images included, make sure your image URL’s are set to pull in from a hosted source in your code or else they will not load.

You can export your ready-to-send email HTML from Blocks Edit and use these techniques for sending out your emails. Sign up for your free account.

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