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Blocks Edit update: ActiveCampaign integration

Use Blocks Edit with your ActiveCampaign's automation and segmentation features.

Blocks Edit now integrates with ActiveCampaign, so you can export your emails after editing them directly without having to touch code.

ActiveCampaign is a great way to automate your emails and other marketing campaigns across different channels. Its segmentation tools and personalization options allow you to create lead funnels and manage triggers for emails based on engagement from your other channels.

After your integration is setup, you can just export your emails in Blocks Edit like you normally would. When given the option to export the HTML, make sure you have ActiveCampaign as your selected source and click Transfer. A new campaign will be added in your ActiveCampaign account as a draft with your email's HTML and settings, ready to send out.

You can use the ActiveCampaign integration in Blocks Edit as of today. It also works in conjunction with external asset sources for exporting your email’s images to. Sign up and get started with Blocks Edit for free.

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