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What's New — August: More editing options

What's New — August: More editing options

“Based on initial feedback, the first wave of updates built on the essentials and added some important functionality.”

The initial version of Blocks Edit we released was in a private beta. It had a dashboard of email templates and their corresponding emails, the ability to invite other people, and the core editing capability of making changes to text areas in a template.

Based on initial feedback, the first wave of updates built on the essentials and added some important functionality. Here are highlights of what was released in conjunction with the public launch:

Duplicating and reordering regions: added functionality to highlighted editable areas for copying and rearranging them

Image cropping: when uploading a new image to replace a current one, there is the option to crop and resize it automatically

Setting specific text lengths: character count minimum/maximum can be set for individual text areas

Indication that someone is currently making changes: locks others out of email from possibly overwriting each other’s work; if someone is viewing the email and edits are made, they are notified that there are updates

Test email sending: besides being able to share a link to an email being worked on, you can now send it as a test email to someone as well, who woulda thunk it?

Original template view: another obvious but missed feature, the ability to see what the original template looked like before emails were created and updated

Other features worth mentioning: Collapsing emails from a template for a cleaner view of the dashboard, ability to change the titles of templates and emails, option to remove links from linked items, alt text field for images, optional alias field for links

And we’ve got more to come as we’re working on some great stuff for the next major release!

Try out Blocks Edit and improve how you send out marketing emails. You can sign up for a free trial or request a demo for us to show you how it can fit into your current workflow.

Photo of Ovi Demetrian Jr By Ovi Demetrian Jr
Founder/Interactive Designer, Blocks Edit