Editable Tags

Making HTML templates editable

The Blocks Edit CMS framework is a simple library of tags based on classes, styles, and attributes that you add to your HTML code to define editable features. It follows modular design practices and standard production systems so it works around your email template code.

Just tag your HTML code to enable editing. Add either a class to your HTML or a CSS style:

<div class="block-edit">Your copy.</div> <div style="-block-edit: true">Your copy.</div>

Importing the code into Blocks Edit and going into Edit mode will allow you to change the "Your copy." text. Clicking Save will update the email's HTML code with the new text. It's as simple as that!

See also: Considerations for setting up your template

Content - editable pieces of text, images, and links

Components - Drag and drop elements and customizable areas

Dev Features - Additional workflow options

Landing Pages - Added HTML page functionality

Examples - Example templates and use cases

Working with your template

Importing to test results

You can try out the editable features that you've added tags in your code for by just importing your HTML file into Blocks Edit. Log in to your account (sign up for free) and click the "Import template" option at the top of your dashboard.

You can also import a ZIP file with image assets for your template. Your ZIP file will need to have your HTML file and images at the root level, with no folders. Images will be included with each exported email, along with any other added images that may have been uploaded while editing.

Preview mode

Try out a template's features after import without having to create emails. Click on the title of your template from the dashboard to go into preview mode. Any edits you make here are not saved. However, you can save layouts to be reused in emails.

Template versions

While in preview mode, you can also update a current template by uploading a new version of it using the "Import new version" option at the top. New emails will be created based on the latest version. Any emails created from previous versions will continue to work, but with features only from the specific version each email was created from. Any saved layouts will need to be rebuilt to utilize the latest template version. And any pinned sections may also be affected.

Testing your template

Sign up for free to import your template and test out editable tags. Need some help implementing the tags? Here are some options: