Editable Tags

Making HTML templates editable

The Blocks Edit CMS framework is a simple library of tags based on classes, styles, and attributes that you add to your HTML code to define editable features. It's flexible to work around any kind of email template code.

Just tag your HTML code to enable editing. Add either a class to your HTML:

<div class="block-edit">Your copy.</div>

Or a CSS style:

<div style="-block-edit: true">Your copy.</div>

Importing the HTML file that contains that code into Blocks Edit will allow you to change the "Your copy." text in the visual editor.

Editing features

Content - editable pieces of text, images, and links

Modules - Drag and drop elements and customizable areas

Dev Features - Additional workflow options

Landing Pages - Added HTML page functionality

Examples - Example templates and use cases

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Testing your template

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