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Template updates

If you’re working on an email and the template has been updated, you will see an update icon () at the top. Clicking on it will allow you to have the latest template changes applied to your email.

Updating will keep your content intact while design changes are applied in the background. Depending on what the update is, you may not notice any visual difference, but the update will have been applied to the email’s HTML so you’ll have the latest template version.

When applied, a new version of the email is saved in the activity sidebar on the right. This allows you to rollback the changes if you feel like the update doesn’t apply to the email you were working on.

Layouts and pins will also need to be updated, separately from the email. If applicable, you will see the update icon at the top of the left sidebar. You will only need to apply layouts and pins updates when the template is updated, not for every email.



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